Long Scraggy Ranch Fees

Reservations required. 

Please fill out the Reservation Form,

call (303) 838-7770

or email info@longscraggy.org

Prefer minimum 2 night stay per reservation


Small Groups, Families, and Individual Rates

Non-Exclusive Access to the Ranch

(You may be sharing Ranch with other Groups)

Includes free access to all Ranch amenities including the Round House with kitchen, the pool, chapel, pavilion, and bath house.


Cabin Rates:

The Pines- 4 Rooms (Each room - sleeps 4 with bathroom) - $100.00 per night per room

Grand Fir Cabin (sleeps 2-4 with kitchen and bathroom) - $120 per night

The Aspen Cabin (sleeps 2, shared bath house) - $70 per night


For the following Cabins/Rooms/Tents there is a limit of 4 individuals or 1 family per Cabin/Room/Tent - Additional individuals / non-family members can be added for $22 per night

Juniper- 2 Rooms (Each room - sleeps 9, shared bath house) - $85 per night per room

Ponderosa- 7 Rooms (Each room - sleeps 9, shared bath house) - $85 per night per room

Clems Cabin (sleeps 9, shared bath house) - $85 per night

Canvas Wall Tent - 2 Tents (sleeps 9 on cots, shared bath house) - $85 per night per tent


(Supporting church discount 15% off normal rates)


Deposit Required: $50 per room/cabin/tent

100% Refund outside of 7 days

50% Refund outside of 2 days

No refunds given to deposit within 2 days of reservation

(Please contact Ranch Hosts for refunds due to Covid-19 restrictions)



Reservation Form


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Please notify the camp two days before your encampment of the number of people coming and the approximate time of arrival. 

(303) 838-7770 or email info@longscraggy.org


                                                                          This photo was taken by one of our campers.

                                                                         A typical afternoon storm had quickly moved
                                                                         through and gave us a wonderful double rainbow.
                                                                        The second rainbow is barely visible in the top left corner.