Rules & Procedures

These rules must be observed in order for you to continue to be welcome as guests at Long Scraggy Ranch, either during this visit or in the future.


  • The Rocky Mountain Christian Conference Grounds Association (RMCCGA) is the legal owner of Long Scraggy Mountain Ranch. RMCCGA is a Christian organization and expects all guests to respect and support its Christian witness.
  • RMCCGA is not responsible for personal injury occurring while on the Ranch grounds. Guests must assure that their group is properly insured and that the rules are fully explained to all participants.

Guests are responsible to provide adequate adult supervision for all members of their group at all times – including at least one adult sleeping in each cabin with children. Guests are responsible to provide their own lifeguard at the pool, and their own qualified supervisor at the rifle range. It is advised that the group have someone who can administer first aid.

Hours: Check-in time is 2pm; check-out time is11am (both unless prior arrangements have been made). Quiet time is from 10pm to 7am daily, and must be strictly observed out of courtesy to the neighboring houses – sound carries easily down the valley. Use the dinner bell only when necessary. Pool hours are from 9am to 9pm daily.  Rifle range hours are 9am to 5pm daily, except on Sunday noon to 5pm. These hours are set by zoning ordinance and MUST be strictly observed.

Check-in and Check-out: The guest group’s leader must check in with the Resident Directors at the office in the ranch house immediately upon arrival, before their group occupies buildings. It is advised that their leader inspect, along with the resident director, each building to make sure that all is in working order. Upon departure, the group leader must notify the Resident Directors of any damages, assure that all cleaning has been performed, and pay the bill or make arrangements for paying it within one week.

Vehicles: The speed limit on Ranch grounds is 10 mph – please be alert for children! Guests may drive their vehicles to the cabins to unload. After unloading, park them on the graded area near the swimming pool and leave them there for the duration of your stay. Motorbikes and all-terrain vehicles are strictly forbidden on the grounds; most trails in the surrounding forest are closed to these too.

Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the Ranch. Exceptions may be requested and must be granted in writing before the guest group’s arrival at the Ranch.

Fires and Smoking: Fires are permitted only in the fire ring in the campground. Please notify the Resident Directors in advance so that they can provide buckets of water for extinguishing the fire. Charcoal fires are permitted in the grills at the picnic pavilion or in personal grills. Both of the foregoing are subject to override by local fire regulations at the time. No smoking is permitted inside any building. Be sure cigarette butts are completely extinguished before putting them in trashcans.


These procedures must be followed in order for you to receive a full refund of your deposit. Your deposit will be returned approximately one week after your departure and payment, in order to allow time to verify that no damage or cleaning deductions are necessary.

Signs and Graffiti: Clipboards have been provided for you to post necessary notices. Please do not post anything else anywhere, indoors or out, without specific permission as to place and method. Please do not use tape or staples on windows, floors, walls or any other surfaces. No graffiti in cabins or on furniture. Postings may be made in the Crafthouse only with specific advance permission. Any labor necessary to remove postings, adhesives, and staples, as well as materials to replace damage caused by postings, will be charged against your deposit at $25/hour plus materials.

Cleaning:  During your stay, it is up to you to clean as you desire. No maid service is provided, except that paper supplies in bathrooms will be replenished and kitchen towels laundered as needed. Before you depart, you are responsible to clean all buildings, restrooms, and grounds areas that you have used according to the cleaning instruction sheet (available from Resident Directors).  Cleaning supplies are found in the refrigerator room in the back of the Roundhouse and in the bathhouses. Each building has brooms. Cleaning for which you are responsible according to the cleaning instruction sheet, if left undone, you maybe charged against your deposit at $25/hour.

Furnishings: All furnishings (including but not limited to mattresses, tables, chairs, implements, and kitchen items) are to remain in the buildings. Advance permission must be requested in order for any items to be used outdoors or moved from one building to another. Loss or damage of furnishings will be charged against your deposit.

Food and Beverages: Guests who cook for themselves are responsible for proper use of all kitchen equipment. The Ranch provides dish soap (hand and machine), bleach for disinfecting, scrubbers, towels and cloths. Guests are advised to comply with state food establishment regulations (copy in kitchen towel cabinet) and must sanitize all dishes and utensils accordingly before returning them to their places. Please do not remove dishes from Roundhouse or take food and drinks into cabins or pool area, as this may cause you to incur cleaning and/or damage fees.

Trash: Garbage from the kitchen must be collected daily and put in the dumpster; all food refuse should be put in the dumpster with the steel lid to prevent bears from raiding the garbage. Please deposit pop cans in the can receptacle next to the pop machine, and all other trash in the receptacles around the grounds. Time that must be spent by Long Scraggy staff in picking up your group’s litter after your departure will be deducted from your deposit at $25/hour.

Sports Equipment: Campers who desire to use the ranges must provide and assure responsible use of their own rifles, bows and arrows, and targets. Please do not use metal containers or pop cans as targets, as you may incur damage and/or cleaning fees. Equipment for volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, softball and kickball is available from the Resident Directors. Damage or non-return will be deducted from the group’s deposit.

Telephone: Guests may use the telephone in the Roundhouse (dining area) for necessary local calls. Telephone directories for the Denver area are available from the Resident Directors. 

Pets: Dogs and cats are allowed at the Ranch, but must be on a leash when outdoors. Waste must be picked up before departure. Absolutely no pets in the Roundhouse (kitchen and dining areas), pool area or bathrooms. Charges may be assessed against your deposit for violations.

Utilities: Because this is a frequent drought area, please conserve water! Take care not to run faucets any longer than absolutely necessary in kitchen, baths, or hose near pool. Turn off lights and turn down heat whenever possible; especially do not leave windows or doors open when heat is on. Charges may be assessed against your deposit for violations.

Fishing: The rules for fishing are catch and release only, and flies and lures only.  The camp director will have some ideas of what lures work best.